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Health and Safety Policy Statement

The Policy


Fenner Nash Electrical Ltd and the Group Companies are committed to safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of all employees inclusive of all sub-contractors and anyone who visits their premises. Directing, co-ordinating and promoting efforts to ensure a safe, working environment, safe working practices and monitoring our performance, will achieve this.


It is the responsibility of all employees, both management and staff, to work safely and cooperate to enable the company to fulfil its statutory obligations. The Company Directors are responsible for the health and safety of their own individual projects the Managing Director has overall responsibility to ensure that everyone fulfils their duties.


Any health, safety or welfare concerns should be reported immediately to the Director responsible for the project you are working on. He will deal with urgent matters immediately with the approval of the Managing Director. Non-urgent matters will be discussed at the monthly health and safety meetings and decisions will be made accordingly.

All risk assessment will be reviewed annually and entered into your handbooks or displayed on the notice board. The assessments will be generic for most cases however, when new risks or changes in the working practices occur the assessments will duly be amended. Where a hazard arises and the directors are not aware of this then they must be brought to their attention immediately.


The aims of the policy


Minimizing the risk and, where possible, the prevention of injury to all persons affected by the company’s operations.


  • Compliance with Health & Safety Work Act 1974 and all other regulations and directives, pertinent to the operations undertaken by the company.
  • To ensure that due consideration has been given to safe methods of work, relevant codes of practice reasonable welfare facilities i.e. the preparation of all tenders and quotations for additional works.
  • To ensure that all levels of personnel receive adequate and appropriate training and/or instruction in Health & Safety matters in order to minimize the occurrences of accidents in the workplace.
  • To ensure that safe working practices are observed at all times with proper regard to all relevant codes of practice.